Using ulisp to upload to an FTP server


I have a project that logs sensor information using a maxbotix ultrasonic sensor and esp8266 and then uploads this data to an FTP server using a wifi 3G/4G router. I would like to do this using ulisp and it all looks doable except for the FTP upload part.

Common lisp has a package called cl-ftp. Is this compatible with uLisp.

Any help/thoughts is much appreciated.



cl-ftp doesn’t look too complicated, but the README does mention that “FTP is something of a weird protocol, and this tends to trip people up.” so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As-is, cl-ftp is not compatible with uLisp. It uses CLOS, multiple-value-bind, and a few other things that uLisp doesn’t have, but they don’t look too difficult to port. The biggest thing I can see is the socket communication library usocket's functionality would have to emulated with the cellular modem’s driver/library, which I unfortunately have no experience with (only bluetooth and wifi on esp32).

If you already have an FTP library (in C) that works on esp8266, I would suggest adding with-ftp to uLisp as an extension and then using that nevermind, it’s a bit difficult to add a new stream right now