Version 1.8 released


uLisp Version 1.8 allows arbitrary symbol names on platforms with more than the minimum 2 KBytes of RAM.

uLisp now also supports the MSP430F5529 and MSP430FR5969 LaunchPad boards, using the Energia IDE.


Great, this is a nice easter-gift, thank you very much.
As I like the MSP430 Controllers I’ll also test the MSP430FR5969 version asap.


Great - I look forward to hearing any feedback!


Got my MSP430FR5969 Board on Friday, sadly I could only do a few tests last weekend.
I patched the MSP ulisp-1.8 Version with the gc- and the tracing-patch and everything seems to work very good.
I’ll do some more tests, but it looks very promising – thank you very much!