Version 3.3 of uLisp now supports bit arrays


The 32-bit version of uLisp for ARM, ESP, and RISC-V microcontroller boards now extends its array support to include bit arrays.

Bit arrays will be particularly useful in the microcontroller-based applications that uLisp is aimed at as they can efficiently store the state of digital I/O lines, digital signals, or display pixels. You could use them as the basis for a data logger, low-speed logic analyzer, or other digital application.

uLisp’s implementation supports bit arrays with an arbitrary number of dimensions, and packs bit arrays as efficiently as possible, so they take up a factor of 32 less storage than the equivalent-sized integer array.

To download Version 3.3 for your platform see: Download uLisp.

For an application demonstrating the use of bit arrays see: Prime number spiral.