Watchy, a new hackable smartwatch, looks ideal for uLisp


A new project on Crowd Supply looks like it might be an ideal starting point for getting a Lisp computer on your wrist:

See: Watchy - A fully open source & customizable E-Ink watch

It’s based on an ESP32, and so should run the ESP version of uLisp, and it has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE, so you could program it from a terminal via Bluetooth, like this:

Connecting to uLisp on an ESP32 via Bluetooth

The display is an always-on monochrome 200x200 E-Ink display, and the battery life with the built-in Lipo battery is about 55 hours.

It can be programmed from the Arduino IDE; there’s a description of one reviewer’s experience here: Watchy: The Hackable $50 Smartwatch