What new features would you like to see in uLisp?


Intereresting idea!

I know, the board could simply be reset instead - but that will clear all unsaved instructions and certainly all data, whereas “having a run limit” totally helps “post mortem analysis”.

You know that you can already interrupt a running program by typing “~”? This isn’t as severe as Reset, as it leaves all your functions and variables unaffected.

The difficult part of your suggestion is the “post mortem analysis”. Ideally one would want your “run limit” to leave you in a state where you could examine the values of local variables, etc, and even carry on from where you stopped. The “~” escape key doesn’t allow you to do this either.

I’ll think about whether the “~” escape key could behave like the (break) function call, to let you examine the state of your program, or continue. Would that be useful, and provide something close to what you’re looking for?


Ah, David, wonderful, you ARE always one or more steps ahead! :D

I actually must say, I do not suggest you to do anything, then, the present functionality of ~ would perfectly suffice. Like, the user can set then the desired variables with SETF, and just “watch what happens”. I just had no idea one could “stop the whole thing”, which is absolutely sufficient in the vast majority of cases.

(In fact, when I am debugging, I am usually just making the function merely print a list of its arguments immediately after having been called, and that normally suffices. My suggestion stemmed from the fact that my project has non-interactive phases and could not be stopped in your much more elegant way.)