WiFi capable ESP32-C3?


From the documentation related to the current uLisp capabilities of the different versions of uLisp it seems that WiFi is not available on the RISC-V boards, do i assume that this also applies to the ESP32-C3 which is a RISC-V based ESP32?

Any help is much appreciated.



Good point. Wi-Fi is not supported on the MAiX boards, but it should work on the ESP32-C3 board. It uses the ESP version of uLisp rather than the RISC-V version of uLisp.

Incidentally, the reason uLisp doesn’t support Wi-Fi on the MAiX RISC-V boards is because I couldn’t get it to work at the time. It’s possible that they have updated the Arduino core since then, but no one has asked so I haven’t revisited it.