Wifi Examples page needs some updates related to lisp-server


I was trying to run the lisp-server related code on the wifi examples page. It looks like it’s missing some details. I found working examples on the ESP8266 page that had some differences. The big difference is listing out the defun ip code. There’s also some differences between the two in how to enter the ip address.


OK, thanks, I’ll have a look,


The ESP8266 page you have referenced is an older version of the updated page ESP8266 boards, and I’ve now removed it.

The Wi-Fi examples page features the latest versions of the examples. I think the error you’re referring to is that in:

(with-client (stream [address port]) form*)

the address can now either be a 32-bit IP address or a string. So I think the first two lines of lisp-server should be:

(defun lisp-server (&rest ipstring)
  (with-client (s ipstring 8080)

Let me know if that makes sense. David