Adafruit CLUE now supported by uLisp


The new CLUE board from Adafruit is a great choice if you want a fast platform for running uLisp, with a 240x240 colour TFT display and a selection of sensors already fitted, on a board that matches the form factor of the popular BBC Micro Bit:

It’s based on the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller running at 64 MHz, and with 1 Mbyte of flash program memory and 256 Kbytes of RAM. It also includes 2 Mbytes of DataFlash that uLisp uses to allow you to save and reload the Lisp image.

For more details see: Adafruit nRF52840 boards.

Details on Adafruit: Adafruit CLUE - nRF52840 Express.


For an update to this post see Serial problem with Adafruit nRF52840 boards.