Anyone using the slime support for ulisp?


I’m trying to get it setup, but it says serial not found. So I tried pip install serial, and now it says No module named ‘’, so I’m guessing it’s either the wrong serial package or version.


Ah, looks like I needed the pyserial package instead.


Hmm, now I’m getting no errors running the swank server in the shell, but when I try to connect with slime-connect in emacs it says connection refused.


Ah okay, when I killed the process it gave this:

ulisp.NoPortFoundException: No port found for “Raspberry Pi Pico”

So looks like I just need to figure out what the port shows up as.


So now I’m not getting any errors from the python script, and it still won’t connect. Guess I need to do some research into python debugging to see what’s going on.


Make sure all other programs that you were using to access that specific serial port have been exited.


Thanks @fe2o3, between that and restarting the board, it now works!


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