ATmega1284P Compile Error uLisp 4.0


Hi, I ve been using ulisp 3.6 with the ATmega1284P (with the Mighty Core) with no problems, but when i tried to complie ulisp 4.0 using the same Atmega1284P (with the Mighty Core) i received this error:



Thanks for finding that - I omitted to test on the ATmega1284P.

Please change that line to:

if (sname == sym((builtin_t)pgm_read_byte(&ppspecial[i]))) { special = 1; break; }

There’s one other change; in pbuiltin() please change:

PGM_P s = pgm_read_word(&lookup_table[name].string);


PGM_P s = (const char*)pgm_read_word(&lookup_table[name].string);

Let me know if that fixes it.

Not sure why those errors didn’t show up on the Arduino Uno. I’ll release an updated version soon.


Thank you for the answer, That fixed it.