Hanging uLisp with unknown symbol on Teensy


uLisp 3.4
59999> 8

59999> frrew

Basically, the above says it all: On a Teensy 4.1, if you upload the ulisp image and then simply give it an unknown symbol, it no longer responds. - It suffocated similarly when attempting to use the “Lisp library” string.

Counter-checked, I have no such issue with 3.3a.

Please be so kind and advise whether I can somehow “fix this” (though perhaps I should just wait for the next release: the community here has been really active lately and perhaps even more things will be found… :) )


I think I know what the problem is and should be able to give you a fix soon. Watch this space!


In the section:

#elif defined(ARDUINO_TEENSY40) || defined(ARDUINO_TEENSY41)


#define CPU_IMXRT1062


#define CPU_iMXRT1062

Let me know if it works.


WORKS! David, that was awesome of you, thank you a lot!



This is fixed in uLisp 3.5.