One wire protocol and DS18b20 temp sensor


Are there any plans to implement the Dallas one wire library in uLisp and specifically access to the DS18b20 temperature sensor.

Any help is much appreciated.



What uLisp platform are you interested in using?


Hi, and thanks for the reply. I was looking initially at the ESP8266 platform. Cheers.


Would it be acceptable to support connecting to a single 1-Wire device only?


And thanks for the reply.

The application currently uses 10 temp sensors (accessed via the unique 64 bit code) and is also set-up as a web-server. When i was coding it using arduino for the esp8266 i came across uLisp, i vaguely remembered LISP from a very, very, very,… long time ago (loved it although at the time didnt use it much) and it seemed to have a lot of advantages particularly for creating a web-server so then i thought, why not program the whole project in uLisp…

Anyway to cut a long story short, it really does need to have multi sensor access via the unique 64 bit code that each sensor has. Currently i get a specific temp by calling the relevant sensor address.

I think the whole idea of having Lisp on a micro-controller is brilliant.



The best OneWire Arduino library seems to be the one maintained by Paul Stoffregen:

It should be fairly easy to add uLisp functions to interface to this; see Adding your own functions.

An alternative is to use a I2C to 1-Wire interface chip; see:

although I haven’t successfully used either of these.