RPi Pico W bug?


This is with uLisp-Arm 4.3 on a Pico W. This may have to do with the Pico W having the builtin LED connected to the Wifi co-processor instead of the 2040 directly, as on the Pico. (digitalwrite :led-builtin t) does work correctly.

15871> (defun pulse ()
  (let (down)
     (dotimes (x 256) 
       (delay 5) 
       (analogwrite :led-builtin (if down (- 255 x) x)))
     (setq down (not down)))))

15819> (pulse)
Error: 'analogwrite' invalid pin: 32


Thank you for reporting this. Unfortunately it seems that because the built-in LED is connected to the Wi-Fi module on the Pico W, you can’t use analogue output to it.

I’ll add a note to the documentation.