Support for one-wire-interface in uLisp?


one-wire is also a popular interface for connecting sensors, RTC, EEPROMS and more, i.e. DHT11/12 (temperature & humidity), DS18(B)20 (temperature), DS1307 (RTC) for example.

I don’t know how it would be possible to include this interface in ulisp, but I think it would be nice to support it, what do you think? I think the raw support would be enough (like the one for i2c and spi), drivers for the devices could be written in ulisp (see thread ‘Collection of uLisp functions’).



Good suggestion - I’ll investigate how feasible it would be.


As an interim solution, there’s a couple of chips that will allow you to interface between I2C and a 1-Wire network: the DS2482 or DS2484:

DS2482 Single-Channel 1-Wire Master datasheet

DS2484 Single-Channel 1-Wire Master datasheet

I haven’t used them, but they’re cheap and it looks like it would be easy to interface them to uLisp.

One wire protocol and DS18b20 temp sensor

That sounds great, I’ll have a look at this.
I didn’t know that these ‘adapters’ exists…