uLisp 4.4 on Pico W: Compilation error



compiling µLisp 4.4 for my Raspberry Pico W results in this error:

/tmp/ulisp-arm/ulisp-arm.ino: In function ‘object* sp_withclient(object*, object*)’:
ulisp-arm:4841:60: error: ‘WITHCLIENT’ was not declared in this scope
4841 | if (stringp(address)) success = client.connect(cstring(WITHCLIENT, address, buffer, BUFFERSIZE), checkinteger(port));

How can I fix that?


Looks very related to this comment Installing uLisp 4.4 on a Raspi Pico W: Additional files?


Correct. Today I uploaded 4.4a with that corrected.