uLisp ESP Version 4.0b


I had successfully used uLisp 4.0a on two 8266 controlling four relays each. As the are loosing the Wifi connection overnight (unrelated cause), I made a change that they regularly reconnect to the Wifi. I also updated to uLisp 4.0b at this occasion.

Now I get the error “‘load-image’ no saved image” which appears to be related to the change in 4.0b to load the image from EEPROM. Curiously, I now also get this error with the previous code version (I even cloned my repo to be sure that I restore it properly).

How could I possibly resolve this issue?


After some trial and error, I realized that the perceived error message “‘load-image’ no saved image” is rather an info message. I could load and debug my updated code via file upload in the serial console to a running vanilla uLisp image (using CuteCom with 5ms char delay):

This is unrelated to load-image, it just saves copy&paste/typing on the uLisp repl prompt in the serial terminal.

After debugging the code, I could flash the 8266 with the Arduino CLI (UI works too). After reset and reconnecting to the 8266, the “no saved image” message still appears in the serial terminal, but the flashed image properly works.

This also means that it is not necessary to save the image with (save-image) which I tried also, but my image was too big for being saved in the EEPROM.

Bottom line is: just ignore the “no saved image” message; if your code doesn’t have issues, it will be properly flashed and running.

This bug shoud be closed. I hope the information is helpful for others.


The error “no saved image” means that you have given the command (load-image), but uLisp didn’t find a valid image in EEPROM (or dataflash). It sounds like this happened because you uploaded a new version of uLisp, which erases the EEPROM. The fix, as you say, is to reload the code and save a new image.