uLisp now supports the Raspberry Pi Pico


ARM Version 3.6d of uLisp adds support for the Raspberry Pi Pico, a low-cost board based on the RP2040 dual-core ARM Cortex M0+ processor running at 133 MHz:

For more information see Raspberry Pi Pico.

Help wanted debugging uLisp for the Raspberry Pi Pico

Good timing. I just received a couple of RP2040 boards.


The Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect has also just been released:



I’ve now released a new version, 3.6d, which adds support for using the Raspberry Pi Pico’s external QSPI flash for save-image (it also fixes a bug that prevented the assembler from working).


I have one coming from Italy as I type… Tracking indicates it should be here in Texas this Friday. (woot) :D

[EDIT] Interesting… it’s actually getting shipped from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. That’s how it’s getting here so fast.


Arrived today! Let’s see what it’ll do.